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good evening guys.... huhuhu....
how are you today? is it a good day to you? i hope that is so...
so.. today i just want to share about BR1M..Ops! not BR1M but BB1M do you know what is it? hahaha... actually this a voucher for university student, or foundation and STPM student also.. the voucher was given is about RM250.. wow!! that amount is too big.. but.. for university is still not enough to buy a lot of book because usually we use an international book as our reference.. then, price of interntional book is about RM100.. so.. its too expensive to buy it by our own money.. 
For me, i still feel gratefully because with this voucher, i can buy a lot of book... hehhehe... (maybe not educational book)
so.. for those who get this voucher, use this as well... Don't buy a nonsense think that can make you regret after that.. think deeply if u want to buy something.. 

oh ya... i forgot abou FACEQURAN.. huhu... that a shirt i bought from i of the blogger that i follow.. you guys can search on facebook with name" MAHABBAH ATHIRAH COLLECTION" if you interested to get this shirt too..

SO.. just that story for today.. actually, i'm not good in english.. if i had make a mistake, just report it to me.. your feedback, i really appreciate
Setiasmile.. dont be too stress with your work, study or anything what you do..
Wassalamualaikum w.b.t..

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